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BANWEAR nylon/cotton and BANOX CERTIFIED 100% cotton flame resistant garments can be laundered under conditions normal for 100% cotton flame resistant garments. All can be dry-cleaned. BANWEAR and BANOX CERTIFIED fabric flame resistance will last the life of the garment if garments are given the care and maintenance recommended by ITEX.


The laundering procedure described in ASTM document F1449-01 for flame resistant cotton garments is recommended for BANWEAR and BANOX CERTIFIED fabrics. With hard water and high temperature industrial laundering and drying, minerals can build up on flame resistant fabrics containing cotton and make them flammable at a rate which depends upon the laundering conditions and hardness of the water. High levels of mineral buildup can be prevented by use of soft water or an adequate sour. Laundries using hard water or wash conditions different from F1449-01 should test the flammability of these fabrics after 100 washes using the vertical flame method described in ASTM D6413


Fabric temperature should not exceed 280º F during the drying process. Normal shrinkage of up to 5% can occur so garments should be fitted with this in mind.


All detergents, except those containing chlorine or peroxide bleach and enzymes, sold for home use may be used. Hardness of the water does not affect BANWEAR and BANOX CERTIFIED fabric flammability using home wash detergents and wash conditions provided that fabrics are adequately rinsed.


The dry cleaning procedure must be done in a manner that removes all dry cleaning solvent from the fabric. Do not dry clean indigo dyed BANOX CERTIFIED denim.


Do not continue to wear garments if they become contaminated with flammable materials but remove for laundering. Garments that have lost their integrity should be removed from service. Minor patches can be made with BANWEAR and BANOX CERTIFIED fabric, and NOMEX thread is recommended for tears.

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